Add the base numbers to a genome

In some cases it might be interesting to add a guide of the base numbering to the ideograms. The default function in karyoploteR to do that is kpAddBaseNumbers. It will add the base numbering below each chromosome in the karyoplot.


kp <- plotKaryotype()

plot of chunk Figure1

as with all other functions in karyoploteR it is possible to customize the appearance of the numbering mostly using standard graphics parameters. In addition, it is also possible to specify the distance between the tick marks and the size of the ticks. The color of the tick marks can be specified for all of them using col or separately for major and minor ticks using the specific parameters

kp <- plotKaryotype(chromosomes="chr8", plot.type = 2)

kpAddBaseNumbers(kp, tick.dist = 10000000, tick.len = 10, tick.col="red", cex=1,
                 minor.tick.dist = 1000000, minor.tick.len = 5, minor.tick.col = "gray")

plot of chunk Figure2

Add the cytoband names to an ideogram

In addition to the base numbering it is possible to add the cytoband names to the ideogram. To do that we simply need a call to kpAddCytobandLabels.

kp <- plotKaryotype(chromosomes="chr17")

plot of chunk Figure3

and we can adjust the label sizes with cex

kp <- plotKaryotype(chromosomes="chr17")
kpAddCytobandLabels(kp, cex=1.5)

plot of chunk Figure4

By default, it checks the size of the label and plots only those that fit inside their cytoband. To force it to plot all labels even if they end up spilling or overlapping, set force.all to TRUE

kp <- plotKaryotype(chromosomes="chr17")
kpAddCytobandLabels(kp, cex=1.5, force.all = TRUE)

plot of chunk Figure5

Again, it is possible to customize the plotting with the standard graphical parameters

kp <- plotKaryotype(chromosomes="chr17")
kpAddCytobandLabels(kp, force.all=TRUE, srt=90, col="orange", cex=1.5)

plot of chunk Figure6